Lately I’ve been reading a journal by Debbie Macomber called One Perfect Word, but have to admit I downloaded this on my Kindle thinking it was another novel. But, no … I find it’s a journal, a wonderful, thought-provoking journal, about selecting one perfect word to focus on each year. After reading part of this book I was, naturally, curious as to what word I might select if I were to share this adventure.

The author spoke of selecting a word for one year as Desire. Just that. Desire. And she talks about the things that happened during that year after thinking and writing about the word Desire. Another year she selected the word Believe. Just believe. And then she talks about things that came into her life that year, because of this continuing focus.

Slowly but surely over the next few days it came to the front of my mind, several times to the point that I realized I was being given my word for the year, or at least the rest of this year. And for me that word is less. That’s it. Less. Simply less. Less of everything.

I look at the cookie jar and think I need less of that. And wine? One glass will do. Make that less again for just about everything. Less food. Less work. Less worry. Less activity. Less struggle on every level for anything I undertake. And writing? I need less introspection. It’s a wonderful feeling, like cleaning out a closet and being able to stand back and admire the space inside.

For me now, I’m going to journal privately on my one perfect word – Less – this year, and see where it takes me. It’s a brand new adventure.

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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