Calling All Readers

Time is a River by Mary Alice Monroe

That’s right. Calling all readers who want to relax, enjoy, savor and long for another book just like the one you have on your nightstand, or next to your favorite place to read. Just ask the Universe for what you want, need, long for. It can happen in the blink of an eye. You can read a word or a sentence and suddenly you know you are enough and you always have been. Stay open to the possibility and the books you need to be reading can magically appear somehow, somewhere, and you can smile and say, “Well, it was meant to be.” Because it was.

If you need to let go of a burden, that can happen just as quickly when you least expect it. Boom. There it is. Life as you want to live it. I found this out with one sentence in Time is a River by Mary Alice Monroe. I read one sentence and like magic felt the stress fade from my life. It concerned the release of a long struggle.

I met Mary Alice Monroe at a writer’s meeting at Isle of Palms one winter day in January, two years ago, and showed her the page and the sentence that changed my life. She got up from her table where she was signing books, came around the corner and hugged me. I felt so blessed because a friend had mailed me the book. “Thought you’d enjoy this one,” the friend’s note said. Boy, was the right!!

Really. Pay attention to what you are reading and your life can be changed. Suddenly you will know that you are enough and always have been. It’s a wonderful thing to realize you’ve found what you have been looking for, even when it’s something intangible. With only one word of encouragement the boulders you have been struggling with are simply gone. You, too, can release the long struggle. It really can happen for you. We all deal with sadness, loss, grief and so much more. There is a place inside of us all where these things can go to rest. Then we can rest, too.

A good friend told me once that things that really alarm us stay with us, forever, like a child that has been born to us, and we keep that with us all the time. We carry it with us wherever we go. I think of it, myself, as something I put in a backpack to take with me everyplace I go. I even take it in the car with me. But know this. It never gets to drive the car. That’s my job. I drive the car. I read the books I pick out. I pay attention to the lessons I know I need to learn. And then one day it all comes together. I love that life is like that.

My wish for you is that you pay attention to the things that cross your mind, the things that come into your life unasked for. Maybe you really have asked for them to be front and center, so you can resolve a particular issue. And I hope solutions present themselves to you in the form of a beloved book.

That’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it.

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A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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  1. Wonderful post, Ruth! You were the one who first introduced me to Mary Ann Monroe’s books, and I’ve recommended — no, sent them on — to Elizabeth and my sister, Sarah Alice. Now I must order a copy of this latest, TIME IS A RIVER.

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