Graham Crackers

My daughter, Allison, visited from Georgia recently with her family. Afterhaving her here only a few days I observed that this child of mine is able to walk through any room & make it better.

After watching me climb on the kitchen step stool to hunt for a box of Graham Crackers and coming up with Saltines and Ritz, but no Graham Crackers, even though I swore I’d just bought a box, she casually suggested, “Have you ever thought of putting all of your crackers in the same place?”

The idea ate at me like a beetle.I prided myself that the baking good and cereals were all on their very own shelves, and canned foods had their own shelf, but that’s as far as it went. Every time a space opened up by using one thing, something else moved into its spot. “Well, I know I bought some chocolate Nestles’ Quick. It was right here, yesterday,” I’d say and then find that space occupied by a jar of salsa or a jar of pickles. And on this day when I searched for the Graham Crackers for my grandson, they were not to be found.

Allison also mentioned that I might think about moving the tall pitchers we seldom used to the top pantry shelf that was hard for me to reach, since I seldom used the pitchers, saying it would open up the low cabinet (where I’d stored the pitchers) for something else – like crackers, I knew.

As soon as company left, I tackled this project, which only took half an hour. I took pictures and sent them to Allison. Tall pitchers, top shelf. Graham Crackers, Saltines, Ritz, Wheat Thins, Triscuits, granola bars, trail mix , chips – crackers plus snacks in the low cabinet vacated by the tall pitchers. I am sure I beamed with joy as I snapped the photos.

I smile now remembering a photo of Allison when she was 18 months old, wearing a white T-shirt and blue leggings with white ruffles on the back. She’d just opened the third drawer of a kitchen cabinet where I’d put Graham Crackers, her favorite snack, so she could reach them with ease. And now, a mom herself, she’s returned the favor, suggesting I move all of the crackers to a low shelf where I could reach them with ease. Of course the Graham Crackers are front and center.

I look forward to sharing our low cracker cabinet with my five year old grandson the next time they visit. He’ll be six by then but still love Graham Crackers, I’m sure. But this time he won’t have to wait for me to hunt for them in the pantry and come up empty handed. I’ll be able to say to him, “Sure. Have a Graham Cracker. They’re right here in this low cabinet. You can reach them all by yourself!”

If his mom decides she doesn’t want those snacks where her young son can reach them by himself, I might have to bring out that photo. On second thought, I’ll just put her picture on the fridge. It’s really true what they say – what goes around comes around.

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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