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A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.

Hope Springs Eternal

Frankly, I have no idea where this phrase comes from ~ Hope Springs Eternal ~ but it sure fits the bill for my husband and me these days. We just sold our house (in 6 days and to the first … Continue reading

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FOOTPRINTS It’s amazing to me how one single letter can change the meaning of a word, or evoke completely different memories from one person to another. By adding the ‘S’ onto Ocean Blue, it becomes Ocean Blues (a color of … Continue reading

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Bucket List

Bucket List – For August 2, 2016 After seeing the movie Bucket List, I made a short list of my own. First, a whale watching excursion from Seattle or Whidbey Island. Then a night in Dayton, WA’s historic hotel and … Continue reading

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My family pictures are in a lovely box, on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in my office.  I might add, in the closet, out of sight, out of mind, yet never long enough to become dusty. Some afternoons if the … Continue reading

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Easter Memories

  One rainy afternoon last week, looking through our family photo box, I found a picture of my three-year old daughter, Allison, hunting Easter eggs in Denver, Colorado, wearing her blue Easter dress and fancy white bonnet. This was one … Continue reading

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Each year since reading One Perfect Word by Debbie Macomber,  I have decided to focus on one perfect word for my life during the coming year. Sometimes I have changed words in the middle of the year, or whenever it … Continue reading

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My Little Brother

When I was 12, my mother told me we were going to have a new baby in our family. I pictured a little sister to love and play dolls with, but never thought it might be a boy. It took … Continue reading

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Today I am filled with a sense of renewal.  If I lived in a beach cabin alone I could write an entire novel today, so filled with love, joy and a sense of abundance. This picture says it all … … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Essay Format

Thoughts on the Essay Format This morning the essay format came to my mind as a subject we often overlook. We’re after the next best seller – the mystery, or a book so funny we read it and laugh out … Continue reading

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One Shiny Object

Some time ago I went to hear Jess Walter, best-selling novelist from Spokane. He was giving a reading & hilarious talk at the North side library here.  He said that it took him eleven years to finish his best-selling novel, … Continue reading

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