Renewal trellis 5-16-15

Today I am filled with a sense of renewal.  If I lived in a beach cabin alone I could write an entire novel today, so filled with love, joy and a sense of abundance. This picture says it all … taken from my office window, warm and snuggly and still in my pajamas, thinking of the blessings in my life … those past, those here right now, and those to come.

To some this trellis might look like a worn out structure needing repair, or at least needing to be shorn up so it would stand straighter.  On the north side of the trellis, not shown in this picture, there is a pitiful grape plant, sprouting only a few leaves this May. In the past grape vines covered the trellis to the very top, and for two years in a row,  a momma robin sitting on her nest of baby birds the way I used to care for my own babies. Maybe this is why so many people love watching baby birds being fed and taught to fly.

This morning my trellis speaks to me of a life well lived, with the dragon fly mobile that catches the sun all day long and lights up after dark. Last summer, with a robin on her nest at the top, barely visible among the grape leaves,  before we decided to dig up the old grape plant last Fall, I wondered what our momma bird thought about the bright light under her nest each evening. On some level I’ve always wondered what birds thought. How would they ever tell us?

My dragon fly mobile fills me with joy and promise now because my good friend, Gail, sent it to me last summer. She has one too, at her house in California. Each morning it erases the miles between California and Washington and fills me with new hope, knowing the sun it catches during the day will be reflected back to me each evening when it lights up again. My own personal  Old Faithful.

Whenever I look at this trellis I marvel at the only peony  in our yard, a deep pink, magnificent in what it is in a hurry to become, like a beautiful young woman ripe with promise.

And there, peeking through the lattice on the south side of our trellis, is the Cecile Brunner climbing rose that Gail sent me, also last Summer, when I needed as much care as the plants I tended. I put a small selection of colorful river rocks around my new rose bush when it was planted and peeked at it each day as it thrived its way to the very top of the trellis.  A few days ago I placed my humming bird yard ornament at the edge of this rose bush I know will fill our trellis with pink sweetheart roses all Summer.  The humming bird sits there now like a watchful friend. It fills me with a sense of renewal, like everything else about this trellis, whether it stands up straight or not.

Is it any wonder this trellis fills me with such joy?

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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