Days are getting shorter, with Daylight Savings on the way again, and there is that special chill in the air. A year ago we hoped to still be in Spokane, WA for our last October there, with the magnificent colors of Spokane on display but we found ourselves already having completed our across-country move to Georgia, and were already entrenched in our retirement home in Colbert, GA, known as a one-mile town.

Instead of the hundred-plus children in costumes who knocked on our door for candy while we lived in Yale Court, Spokane, we had three children in costumes at our door last Halloween, here in Colbert, GA. We still live in a cull d’ Sac, but it’s different.  Same number of homes. Far fewer children. In Spokane parents loaded up kids in soccer vans and drove to our area for lots of candy and fun. Here we live near a busy highway and nobody drives kids around for candy.

My Halloween memories are beginning to fade, but three in particular always come to mind for me. The first was our son at KI Sawyer AFB, Michigan, not even two years old, trick or treating with his friends belonging to my Best Mommy Friends, Gail and Donna. We sent Becky, Phil and Eric out for their first big Halloween night – a witch, a ghost and a cowboy.  All with wide eyes and stories to tell later. The next is the year my children’s dad was in Thailand with the AF. I have a picture of our little daughter, then nearly two, in a blue bunny suit and bunny ears, holding hands and pumpkins with her five year old brother in his Zorro costume, complete with hat and mask. Does not get much cuter than that for me.

The most special memory of all for me is the year I made our daughter an angel costume for Halloween when she was in first grade. She had long brown hair with golden highlights from summer, her white angel costume trimmed in gold braid, and a bright, shiny halo for her hair.  It was her day to lead her class to and from the water fountain, recess & lunch.

It was also the day her class room was assigned to lead the entire school in their Halloween Parade around the block, to cheers and applause from parents, with all the kids in their costumes.  I showed up in time to dress our daughter in her costume and stood with other parents somewhere along the route to see the parade. Imagine my surprise to see our adorable little angel leading the entire school in the Halloween parade. It makes for an awesome memory, and I didn’t even have a camera. With cell phones we all have today, being without a camera would never happen.

Now we live in GA close to my daughter and her family, and all still love Halloween. My husband and I have already eaten our way through three bags of Halloween candy & bought more yesterday. After all, we may have at least the same three kids as last year, and it could be more, we tell ourselves standing in the candy aisle.  You never know. It could be more. Of course we make certain we’ll have more than enough left over for us!

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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