4th of July

Momma Robin in her nest, 4th of July, 2014

Today I am spending this 4th of July wondering if this sweet Momma Robin has any idea of the joy she has given me, and feel certain it’s the same momma we had nesting in our grapevines at the top of our trellis the summer before.

Last June this robin with her babies gave me such hope as granddaughter Jamie was critically ill in the ICU at Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, after a serious car accident. Each afternoon I’d come home to see this new life springing forth. It did wonders for my spirits seeing these babies grow and leave the nest.  Soon after these babies flew off my granddaughter also left the hospital to go home to heal in her wheel chair for the rest of the summer, and has since ~ now a year down the road ~ made an amazing recovery. She just rafted the Colorado through the Grand Canyon with Mom and Dad, Phil & Diane, & younger sister, Tate.  They had a fantastic time and knowing this does my heart so much good.

Now we have just returned this past weekend from our time in Pensacola, Florida, to bury my mom’s ashes in the beautiful Bayview Memorial Park in the Parks-Ellis plot, between her husband and her mother, where she had longed to be. Like the robin tending her nest, I feel like I’ve tended the nest for my own mother, who instead of growing older and stronger, was growing more frail with each passing day. She was tired of living and I am comforted knowing she is resting now at peace where she most wanted to be.

As I watch these robins, two of them tending this particular nest ~ both a mom and a pop busy bringing worms to hungry mouths ~ giving them what they need, I know I gave my mother what she needed as she grew older, first in a walker, then onto oxygen and then into a wheelchair. I am comforted each day knowing her struggle is over. She is at peace. And I am at peace. The feeling is joy singed with sadness, if that’s even possible.

Life goes on. We all know this. And nobody gets out of this life alive.  We all know that, too.  But there is something magical about flags flying here on the 4th of July, robins tending their babies in the back yard at the top of our grape trellis, and the feeling of peace I have as I sit reading a book in my rope chair swing on the front porch.  Looking forward to brats on the grill later. In my view it just doesn’t get much better than this!

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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