Whenever I go to my mailbox and find a box from my friend, Gail, in Riverside, CA, I can’t help doing a little happy dance.  It’s books.  Books she’s read and loved and can’t wait for me to read and love, too.  How many people have such an endearing friend in their lives?

Right now I have this box of 7 new books to read, with 4 more I’ve just finished in a bag in my car to return to Gail’s daughter, Linda, who lives here in Spokane.  When Gail comes to visit, she usually packs them back home, or not.  Either way, we’ve got a great thing going.

As we age, believe me … I am more grateful than ever for my friends, and my own children and grandchildren.  I honestly can say they’ve all given me book titles to look up, things I want to read, or issues to think about. It’s times like this when I understand what a fortunate woman I really am, and what a blessed life I live. Sometimes I think that books are the common denominator for the people in my life that I love, regardless of age. And for me, this is a really good thing!

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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