Grandmother’s Corner

Every single morning I have a cup of coffee at the breakfast table, catching the latest on CNN, and get to walk by my Grandmother’s Corner, which I pass each time I open the blinds on the sliding glass door, or go outside to the patio.

It all started with the sun hat, which daughter, Allison, brought to me for my birthday in May. ‘Where will I hang this hat?” I asked, and she said, “Right by the door so you’ll remember to put it on when you’re going out in the yard on a sunny day.”  What a great idea.

And then we went to a new gift shop opened by friends in our neighborhood, where I found the delightful plaque that says – Grandchildren complete the circle of love – and had to buy it, of course.

I took her advice, hung the hat and later that day the new plaque, and realized that the corner now seemed complete, since the bird pictures were from my own grandmother, Ruth Peek Ellis, born in Louvale, Georgia, in 1898.

Funny thing is, the bird pictures were already there, but always struck me as being sort of lonely.  Until the hat and the plaque joined the corner, and somehow it seems complete now.  Must be that circle of love at work.  Or maybe that I entered myself into the equation.

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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