It’s all about friends

It really is all about friends, and I’ve learned this lesson in spades over the past year. With winter fast approaching, I realize how lucky we’ve been to have such wonderful and kind neighbors living close. We’ve so enjoyed sharing a bottle of wine or a pitcher of lemonade with our next door neighbors during the almost-six years we’ve lived in this house. There is a ledge where we can place wine glasses and snacks, or the pitcher of lemonade.  We decided after one gusty windy day we didn’t want to use wine glasses with stems for these visits. Such nice people, easy conversations, delightful breaks in busy work schedules. We are blessed to live here.

This past winter, our neighbor across the street kept our snow blower for both his driveway and ours, which I appreciated more than I could ever tell you.  This winter I believe the snow blower will be able to live in our own garage, with my resident show remover handling the snow removal. I’m already looking forward to snowy winter days.

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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