Whale Watching

What is it about watching a whale that speaks to me? I have no idea, except that I’ve alwasy wanted to go on a whale watching excursion and now I’m determined to make this a reality. It’s simply time to get started on my bucket list, if you can call it that. I want to take the Victoria Clipper out of Seattle for only a day trip over to Whidbey and see the whales while we’re at it. How difficult is this? We certainly have the time on our hands.

Then I want to go to Dayton, Washington, to view the winery there and have lunch at the 5-star French restaurant. Or maybe dinner. And maybe it’s not even a 5-star. Maybe it’s only a 4-star … but it isn’t fast food and it is supposed to be excellent and I love the idea of something wonderful being in the midst of a small, rural community … so that’s it for me. Then I want to spend the night at the Winehard hotel, and I don’t even remember if that’s the actual name. We’ve planned this trip for several different times and it never happens, so this year I’m going to make it happen for me, a birthday for me to me. I like that.

And then I need a Georgia fix. Need to hug that little 4-year old again before he turns 5, or maybe just after he’s turned 5. He’s starting kindergarten this year, in early August, and I’m wondering if the teachers will know they really do absolutely have the world’s most adorable grandson in the whole wide world there in the classroom. Don’t you think I should be there to tell them that? He’ll ride the school bus, and I think I really should be there to drive that school bus. Shouldn’t i? It feels almost like I am sending my own kids off to college, when I grieved their being away from home so much for so long. I know this is silly, and my little grandson has excellent parents to keep him on the straight and narrow … but, well … I’d still love to be there. Am sure my daughter will take videos of him getting on and off the school bus so I can be a part of that. I guess I should just concentrate on going to watch the whales and trust that this little guy at 4 yrs. of age really is going to be just fine. In a way it’s all a matter of faith.

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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