It’s Valentine’s

The big day, and I am feeling loved and thought about. So is my daughter and her family and I’m sure son and family are, also. Flowers, cards, candy, the works. Maybe a little sappy, but think about it ~ who doesn’t want to feel loved and cared about?

I took my 92 yr. old mom a box of chocolate-pecan candy and a card on Friday, and today took her a Papa Murphy pizza (her favorite lunch), plus a prayer shawl I just finished knitting her and also a knitted (and felted) remote TV holder. Had to rush yesterday to get that done, but did finally take a walk around the neighborhood so I didn’t feel like too much of a couch potato, knitting and watching Hallmark TV movies all day long.

I can’t even remember many Valentines during my younger yeas, or even the early married years. The ones I remember are a few in early grade schools, when cookies and red punch were on the agenda for the Valentine’s Party, and everyone got Valentines from everybody else. I remember I always liked writing out the names of class mates on the Valentines I was giving away, and enjoyed this even more than I enjoyed receiving Valentines from others in the class. Daughter Allison sent a picture of grandson Asher sitting on the floor, writing names on his valentines for his 4-year old preschool classmates. It was so sweet it made my heart hurt.

I do remember one Valentine in particular that I ‘hand delivered’ literally – to a boy I had a big crush on when I was in Jr. High. He went to a different school. My mother suggested we drive by his house, I run up and leave the card in his door, ring the bell and run back to the car really quickly. Well, wouldn’t you know he was ‘there’ by the door, opened it and there I stood red faced, trying to turn and sprint quickly to the car, but there were a lot of steps up to the porch and … and … I didn’t fall, but didn’t make my escape as quickly as I’d wanted to, either. He knew it was from me and I was mortified. Talk about a red face. Looking back, I still can’t believe my mother put me up to that! I can still see her, sitting in the driver’s seat in our green Plymouth, waiting for me to make my escape with ease, except that didn’t happen. I will say,though, when I got back into the car and slammed the door, my mother’s foot was already on the gas pedal. Some things you just never forget.

Later, when I was grown, and received a first Valentine from a little granddaughter, that would be Jamie, I was so elated that I took it to a frame shop and had it professionally framed. Was I a proud Grandma? You bet. No way around it. It’s still hanging here on my office wall, even today. If I ever learn how to put pictures here on this web site, I can show you lots of things, can’t I?

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A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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