Today my daughter called …

… and suggested that we write children’s books together. I keep telling her she should write children’s books, and she knows I keep thinking about it, and she keeps telling me I should write children’s books. What a brilliant idea to
write them together. We even have some ideas for collabration. Sounds like fun to me. I think that we should write under the name of Josie Andrew, because in numerology this comes out to the number 5 for success, and I love that it uses both our names (Allison’s middle name of Jo, and my last name of Andrew).

I keep thinking of writing my fiction under the name of Ann Drue, becaue Andrew is really my last name and I love this play on words, and of course Ann Drue in numerology does come out to the number 5. In fact, my whole birth name comes out to the number 5, also. So then I ask myself, if the numnber 5 really stands for success, why am I not an established writer by now? Do you think maybe my NOT writing a book yet could be the cause of this? Maybe?

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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