I keep forgetting . . .

.. . that the name of this blog is BEECONCISE. My daughter and I thought this was hilarous, a place to put all my words WITH a reminder to BE CONCISE, or MORE concise, if that’s possible for Chatty Cathy here. This morning the thought hit me that if I can’t learn to be more concise (you know – old dogs, etc.), then if I only post something here every 3rd. or 4th day, instead of an average of 600 or 650  wds. per post, I’ll avereage something like 200 or 220 – now that’s something I can aim for.  It’s those little victories that keep us going, I tell myself. Another ‘must learn to do’ this year is to stop hitting one particular key when I write, the exclamation point. More little victories to aim for.
This makes me think I need to get out more. 🙂 Lots of things lined up for myself today – Yoga (such a blessing), grocery store, taking 92 yr. old mom with walker and oxygen to the ear dr. for a checkup, then home to critique 4 or 5 manuscripts for a Thurs. night critique group. Maybe that’s enough for one day? Have already figured out earlier today how to view a text message ‘long after’ it’s first come in, if I first lose it in my phone. Figured it out all by myself. My kids will be so proud of me. Guess it’s good to have more goals … always more goals. Keeps me going.
But I’ll tell you one thing. It’s really, really hard for me to not use that exclamation point. 260 words today. Hurrah!

About beeconcise

A Southern writer now living in Georgia after many years in the Pacific Northwest.
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